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Biotechnology is a highly multi-disciplinary and fastest growing discipline, and past two decades have witnessed a “Biotechnology Boom” worldwide in the form of development of a wide range of new products including antibiotics, recombinant and synthetic vaccines monoclonal antibodies, microbial proteins, recombinant hormones, production of valuable transgenic and cloned animals. The mixmal exploitation of biotechnology devices through these modern technologies is the only potential tool to maximize the livestock and agricultural production of the state in the shortest possible time.

Looking to the tremendous potential of biotechnology for improving the socio-economic status of farmers, tribals and other weaker sections of society, Madhya Pradesh State Government had sanctioned a product on “Establishment of Biotechnology Centre” at JNKVV, Jabalpur, funded by Madhya Pradesh State Agriculture Cooperative in the year 2003 .Read More

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