Brief introduction:

Dr Supriya shukla done (2003) BLIS (2004) and MLIS (2005) in Rani durgavati vishwavidyalaya, Jabalpur. She was awarded PhD in Library and information Science in 2010. She was lecturer in Deptt. Of library and information Science, RDVV ,Jabalpur in 2005-2012. Presently she is working as a assistant Librarian and Taking PGS course in college library, NDVSU, Jabalpur .

About Library:

Established in the year 1948, since then it continues to make progress in its programme to face the challenges of information explosion by adopting information technology. The college Library of veterinary science and animal husbandry is providing quality services to the students, teachers & research scholars, supporting teaching research and extension programme of the college.

College Library has a highly specialized collection of 25 thousand documents in the field of Veterinary Sciences, Animal Husbandry, Fisheries, Basic Sciences, Humanities, Technology & other allied subjects. The collection includes Books, Theses, Periodicals, Journals, Standards, Review, Maps, Globes, Advances & CD-ROMs. The collection grows at an average rate of 1000 number per year.

Library Section:

Acquisition Section:

This Section acquires books and other reading material selected by the Library staff as well as recommended by the HODs of various Departments.

Circulation Section:

This section takes care of cataloguing of different types of reading material procured by the Acquisition Section. The bibliographical details of reading material catalogued in this section can be accessed using Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC).

Serial Section:

This section is entrusted with the subscription to periodicals and subsequent monitoring of the scheduled arrival of individual issues of subscribed periodicals. This section also organizes and manages the back volumes of periodicals.

Reference Section:

Reference section helps members to find quick answers to their queries and provide them required information. The reference collection in the library includes dictionaries, encyclopedias, directories, yearbooks, almanacs, etc.

Library services:

Lending Services:

The Lending service of Library enables members to borrow books from Library for using for the privileged loan period at their own convenience. The issue/ return of books and other operations of circulation service are performed via Limsys.

Online public access catalogue:

The OPAC enables users to explore the document collection of Library. The search form in OPAC allows searching by any combination of author, title, subject heading. The system has a word-based search facility using Boolean operators that can narrow down a search to meet very specific needs. Members can find the materials checked out to them as well as reserve materials that are currently in circulation.

Book Bank Scheme:

In this scheme SC/ST students are given prescribed textbooks free of charge for a semester.

Photocopying Services:

Photocopying Service is available to users @ Rs.1 per page

Rules & Regulations:

Loan privileges:

The bonafide members shall be permitted to borrow books from the library by producing library card. The number of books a borrower can take and the period for which can retain is as follows:

Entitlement for borrowing books:

The following categories of members are entitled for borrowing publications from the Library as per the details given below:

Member Category

No. of  Books 

Issue Period

Students UG 

04  Books  

15     Days

Students PG 

06  Books     

01     Month

Student PhD                                   

06  Books     

01     Month


04  Books  

06     Month/Semester

Other Staff  

02 Books

15     Days

Overdue charges:

Rs. 2.00 per book per day, and Rs. 10.00 per book per day for overnight issue.

General rules:

 All users must observe total silence in the library and its environs at all times  Use of mobile phones is strictly prohibited in the library 
All bags, cases, folders etc. must be left in the luggage area outside the library. 
Users are not allowed to leave their baggage overnight in the library. The library shall not take any responsibility for loss of personal property or books already signed out to a user 
Users are not allowed to log in using their personal passwords at the search computers or to access the internet from there.
 All users are required to show all items to the security officer before leaving the library
 Anyone caught marking, defacing or mutilating books or any other library material will be expected to pay for the material with the most current edition of the same  Good order must be observed in the library at all times for example placing of feet on the furniture, eating and drinking, smoking, sleeping etc. will not be allowed
 Group discussions are only allowed in the discussion room and the noise must be kept to a minimum and should not disturb any other user in the library
 Use of sound equipments like radios, walkmans, cell phones etc. is strictly prohibited in the library and its environs
 Users are not allowed to reshelf books after removing them from the shelf. Leave the books on the table.
 No library equipment may be moved, modified or tampered with without permission from the librarian
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