Immune Mechanisms against Pathogens ppt

Hypersensitivity ppt

Autoimmunity and Autoimmune Diseases ppt

Serological Techniques – I (Secondary Binding Tests) ppt

Serological Techniques – II (Primary Binding Tests) ppt

Theories of Antibody Formation ppt

Hybridoma Technology and Monoclonal Antibodies ppt

Theories of Antibodies Production ppt

Humoral Immunity (Nature, Mechanisms and Kinetics) ppt

Cell Mediated Immunity ppt

Immunoglobulins ppt

Antigen Processing and Presentation ppt

Cultivation of Bacteria ppt

Asfarvirid: Africasn Swine Fever ppt

Anti-Microbial Resistance ppt

Complement System ppt

Bacterial Genetics (Mutation & Recombination) ppt

Bacterial Pathogenesis ppt

Exercise 1 - Filtration techniques for separation of viruses

Exercise 2 - Isolation of virus by embryonated egg inoculation

Exercise 3 - Viral inoculums preparation and isolation of virus by animal inoculation

Exercise 4 - Isolation of virus by cell culture

Exercise 2 - Viral inoculums preparation and isolation of virus by animal inoculation ppt

Exercise 3 - Candling of eggs ppt

Exercise 5 - Preparation of chicken fibroblast primary cell culture ppt

Exercise 6 - Counting of total viable cells in MDBK cell suspension ppt

Exercise 7 - Growth and maintenance of BHK-21 cell line ppt

Audio lecture on Prions

Immunoelectrophoresis test

Cells of Immunity - I ( Innate cells)

Cells of Immunity - II (Adaptive-APCs)

Cells of Immunity - III (Adaptive-Lymphocyte)

Introduction to Immunity

Timeline of Immunology



Hybridization methods / Nucleic acid hybridization (NAH)

Introduction and History of Bacteriology

Types of Immunity

Bacterial Classification and Nomenclature

Antigens, Haptens, Superantigen, T-dependent and independent antigen

The Three Domains-an overview

Virus cell interactions

Audio lecture on Bacterial Growth Curve

Audio lecture on Innate vs Adaptive Immunity

1. Introduction to Fungi ppt

2. Reproduction in Fungi ppt

3. Sexual reproduction in F ungi ppt

4. Candida ppt

5. Cryptococcus ppt

6. Aspergillus ppt

8a Dimorphic fungi ppt

8b Zygomycetes ppt

8c Rhinosporidium ppt

8d Sporotrichum ppt

9a Penicillium ppt

9b Mycotic mastitis ppt

9c Mycotic abortion ppt

Dermatophytes ppt

Malassezia ppt

Mycetoma ppt

Mycotoxins ppt

Mycotoxicosis ppt

Practical 1

Practical 2

History, General properties & Classification of Virus ppt

Replication of Virus ppt

Structure of Virus ppt

Audio lecture on Types of Adaptive Immunity

Audio lecture on What are Haptens

Audio lecture on Neutralizing antibodies

Audio lecture on New castle disease

Audio lecture on Staphylococcus bacteria

California mastitis test ppt

Techniques of Virus cultivation

Antigen II ppt

Microscopy Micrometry ppt

Shape size and arrangement of bacteria ppt

IBD ppt

Adenoviridae ppt

Birnaviridae ppt

Canine-Distemper and PPR ppt

Paramyxoviridae: Newcastl -Disease ppt

Cytokines ppt

MHC Antigens ppt

Stains and staining ppt

Bacterial Capsule ppt

Bacterial cell membrane ppt

Bacterial Cell Wall ppt

Bacterial Fimbriae ppt

Bacterial Flagella ppt

CD Antigens ppt

Innate Immunity ppt

Bacterial Cytoplasm and Cell Organelles ppt

Bacterial Endospores ppt

Organs of Immunity ppt

Brucellosis ppt

Listeriosis ppt

Duck Hepatitis Virus ppt



Rabies pdf


Bacterial Growth ppt

Factors Affecting Bacterial Growth ppt