Name: Dr. J.K. Bhardwaj
I/c Director Farm
Office to the Directorate of farms, Nanaji Deshmukh Veterinary Science University
Ahdartal, Jabalpur Madhya Pradesh - 482004 (India)
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Mobile :9425152795
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Brief introduction:

Dr. J.K. Bhardwaj did B.V.Sc. & A.H. and MVSc & A.H. (Poultry Science) from JNKVV Jabalpur (M.P.) and Ph.D. in Poultry Science form IVRI, Izatnagar, Bareilly, UP. He has 39 years experience in teaching, research and extension. He has worked on development of new varieties for layer, utilization of dwarf gene in broiler and layer, development of dual purpose coloured parent lines, dwarf broiler breeder dams. He developed Vindhyachal broiler, Krishna-J, Narmada-xl, Jabalpur colour parent line, purebred Kadaknath and new colour chicken variety Narmadanidhi for rural poultry production. He has been involved in development of curriculum for various PG courses in field of Poultry Science. Dr. Bhardwaj is recipient of Fakhruddin Ali Ahmad Award (1995) from ICAR for development of replica of desi fowl named Krishna-J, Best poster presentation award (2002) from Animal Production and Management Society of India, and Senior Research Fellowship (1984). Till date he has more than 120 publications in national and international journals, review articles extension articles and research abstracts presented at various international and national symposia.

He has authored two manuals and two edited books (NCERT). Presently he is working as Principal Scientist, AICRP on Poultry breeding, Department of Poultry Science (PI, since last 20 years) and Director Farms NSVSU Jabalpur. He worked as Professor & Head, Department Poultry Science, In charge College of Fishery Science and also acted as chairmen and members of various committee of collages and university. He has guided many MVSc and Ph.D. students and trained several batches of farmers and industry personnel. Dr. Bhardwaj is a life member of Indian Poultry Science Association, member of World Poultry Science Association and life member of Krishak Vandarer.

Brief History:

The Directorate of farms was established with the established of Nanaji Deshmukh Veterinary Science University, Jabalpur in November, 2009. The purpose of this directorate is to utilize farm resources effectively and efficiently and help to teaching, resources and extension activities in a coordinated and collaborative way.

The livestock farms are treated as laboratory to the scientists and students. It also facilitates research inputs like cattle, buffalo, goat, poultry birds, pig, fish, feed, mineral mixture, green fodder, etc. to graduate and post graduate students, ongoing research projects etc to all departments of this university. It also provides advisory services and training to the farmers, youths, assistant veterinary filed officers, NGO’s etc. regarding advanced production technologies, developed varieties of livestock and poultry birds. University develops several infrastructure, procured and managed various farm implements towards modernization of livestock and poultry farms. The poultry farm has developed two popular varieties of poultry birds namely Krishna-J and Narmadanidhi, which were recognized nationally popular for rural poultry production.


  • To be responsible for and exercise overall control of the planning, development and management of livestock, fisheries, poultry and piggery farms belonging to the university.
  • To cooperate with the Director of Research Services, Dean Faculty on all matters connected with the planning, development, support to research activities of PG and PhD students, projects. .
  • Supervision of farms with respect to proper maintenance and continuous production.
  • Facilitate practical of undergraduate, post graduate, Ph.D. and veterinary polytechnic students.
  • Facilitate internship trainings to the students in all aspects of animal rearing, overall farm practices of livestock, poultry, hatchery management and fish production
  • o help the Directorate of Extension Education for translation of technology to the farmers/ end users.
  • To maintain, improve and multiply the new breeds/ varieties, improved hybrids evolved or introduced..
  • Sale farm produce to the faculty, staffs and students in reasonable price.

Future Plan:

  • Establishment of integrated farming system consists of dairy, poultry, goat, fishery, horticulture etc.
  • Organic farming, bio-fertilizer (vermicompost etc.) production etc. by adopting modern technology for better utilization of animal farm waste.
  • For assured and increased production modern facilities will be developed as per need of the farm.